Thursday, 27 September 2018

Politics A.M.: A viewer’s guide to the Kavanaugh hearing

Democracy Dies in Darkness
The most important politics stories today
The Fix •  Analysis
A viewer's guide to the Kavanaugh hearing
Republicans control the process, so they got to set up how Thursday's hearing will work.
Trump laments #MeToo as 'very dangerous' for powerful men
The president, accused of assault or harassment by more than a dozen women, places himself at the center of a roiling national debate.
Who is Julie Swetnick, the third Kavanaugh accuser?
The 55-year-old Web developer has held multiple security clearances for work on government-related networks.
'Give it to me': Trump lets loose with 81 minutes of bluster, falsehoods and insults
What was perhaps most remarkable was just how transparent and revealing President Trump continues to be.
Fact Checker • Analysis
Fact-checking President Trump's statements about sexual misconduct allegations
At his marathon news conference, President Trump dismissed sexual misconduct allegations against himself with misleading or false claims
'I remember thinking, ugh, this is bad': Scenes from teenage party life in the '80s
Fake IDs, Beach Week, secrets and regrets. An oral history of the formative years of the generation now rising to power.
Christine Blasey Ford is about to testify against a Supreme Court nominee. Here is what happened when Anita Hill did in 1991.
Twenty-seven years ago, images of the 35-year-old fielding questions from an all-male committee helped galvanize a movement to elect more women.
Ahead of what was to be fateful meeting, Trump says he would prefer to keep Rosenstein
Behind the scenes, despite the president's public rhetoric, the two have had an amiable relationship.
House Republicans plan to release transcripts from Russia probe
The House majority announced a Friday meeting at which members will vote on releasing the majority of the transcripts from the Russia probe, pending a security review from some of them.
Today's WorldView • Analysis
Trump becomes a punchline at the U.N.
The president of the United States was mocked at the General Assembly and lambasted as he chaired a Security Council meeting.
Trump anti-discrimination official once called most hate crimes hoaxes
Eric Blankenstein, a political appointee, said his online writings under a pen name years ago have "zero" relevance to his current job at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Pelosi critics fire warning shot, but Democrats agree to delay leadership scramble till November
A handful of House members had proposed rule changes that would make it harder for the minority leader to retain power if Democrats regain the majority.
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