Friday, 28 September 2018

Politics A.M.: The hearing devolved into a partisan brawl on steroids

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Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Supreme Court nominee today after emotional hearing
After Christine Blasey Ford gave her account of an assault, an angry, tearful Brett M. Kavanaugh called the accusations "a calculated and orchestrated political hit." The Senate majority whip said the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Kavanaugh's nomination on Friday, with a final confirmation vote by the full Senate planned for Tuesday.
The Take • Analysis
The hearing devolved into a partisan brawl on steroids
The process of determining Kavanaugh's fate is likely to leave a stain on Washington.
For Trump and White House, Kavanaugh hearing was a suspenseful drama in two acts
After dismay at Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, the president and his circle were buoyed by the high court nominee's "incredible" performance.
A different Kavanaugh comes out swinging hard at 'search and destroy' Democrats
The Supreme Court nominee aligned himself with President Trump in claiming that the sex assault allegations against him were orchestrated to derail his confirmation.
The Fix • Analysis
Unlike Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford was a prosecutor's dream witness
Christine Blasey Ford thrived during questioning by career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell on Thursday. Brett Kavanaugh did not.
The Fix • Analysis
Brett Kavanaugh's modern-day 'high-tech lynching' speech, annotated
Another "high-tech lynching," 27 years later.
Silent no more, Senate's angry Republican men roar to Kavanaugh's defense
Mute for much of Ford's testimony, they abandoned that strategy after the Supreme Court nominee's defiant opening statement.
The hearing that shut up Washington. And then . . .
Eerie silence clocked much of the city before Senate Republicans found their (angry) voice.
The Fix • Analysis
5 takeaways from the Kavanaugh hearing
Ford cut a sympathetic, down-to-earth figure, and Kavanaugh came to fight.
Silence on Wall Street. Tears in a retirement home. The country watches, transfixed, as Ford and Kavanaugh tell their stories.
Christine Blasey Ford spoke before a Senate panel Thursday morning of an alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh.
'This is not a good process': A raw, emotional hearing exposes partisan divide
The scene inside the more than eight hour hearing was unlike any congressional proceeding in recent history.
Behind Kavanaugh fight, a national struggle over trust, identity and sex roles
The only consensus was that the Senate — and the nation — had hit a new low.
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