Thursday, 27 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: The power of Christine Blasey Ford’s voice

Opinions P.M.
The power of Christine Blasey Ford's voice
It's amazing that not a single Republican has yet to oppose Kavanaugh.
If Trump is watching Fox News, Brett Kavanaugh might be in trouble
A 'disaster' for the Republicans, says Chris Wallace.
New evidence in the Senate Kavanaugh process
It's timely.
The Plum Line
Americans are not going to forget this day. Especially women.
Today's hearing with Christine Blasey Ford will reverberate for a very long time.
Millions are still at risk in Syria, even after Russia and Turkey's demilitarized zone
The international community should step up pressure on Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey to ensure civilians are protected.
The New York Times bails on insta-credibility poll for Christine Blasey Ford
People voiced some serious objections.
Post Partisan
Why Senate Republicans won't ferret out the truth about Brett Kavanaugh's past
Many Republicans in Washington don't want to know what they don't know.
The WorldPost
Europe must put its distinct stamp on AI
If it doesn't, it will inhabit the geopolitical algorithms of others.
It just keeps getting worse for Republicans
They're still digging their hole.
Post Partisan
Now a Kavanaugh FBI investigation is obligatory
The space for living with uncertainty has already begun to collapse.
Big show today at the U.S. Kabuki Theater
Here we go again. (BLOG POST)
The Plum Line
Opening statements from Kavanaugh and Ford reveal what a sham this hearing is
Still, today's Judiciary Committee hearing could have some value, if Democrats handle it effectively.
The press conference from 'The Twilight Zone'
Bob Woodward's interview subjects and the unnamed New York Times op-ed writer were perhaps too generous.
The surprising thing about Christine Blasey Ford's story is that she fought back
I didn't say no when I was assaulted at prep school; I didn't know I could.
A very important column about ... box meals
This article has nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump. Enjoy!
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