Thursday, 31 May 2018

What gardening taught me about life

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Today's TED Talk

What gardening taught me about life

06:41 minutes · TED Residency

Gardens are mirrors of our lives, says environmental artist tobacco brown, and we must cultivate them with care to harvest their full beauty. Drawing on her experience bringing natural public art installations to cities around the world, brown reveals what gardening can teach us about creating lives of compassion, connection and grace.

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Talks for when you want to start a garden

Talks for when you want to start a garden

Bring plants inside, outside and to your community with these talks all about the power of gardening and nourishing the nature around us. Watch »

9 talks · Total run time 1:29:16

Opinions P.M.: Trump’s pardons are nothing but right-wing trolling

Opinions P.M.
The Plum Line
Trump's pardons are nothing but right-wing trolling
A pardon for a rancid figure such as Dinesh D'Souza ought to disgust us all.
Right Turn
Trump's war with our closest allies continues
The president is making America weak again.
The Wicked Witch of the West Wing is playing with fire now
What to do? What to do?
Sorry, foreign media: Your anger at Ukraine faking a journalist's death is misguided
Please don't make the story of Arkady Babchenko about yourselves.
Right Turn
Repetitively cutting taxes for the rich isn't the answer
The GOP seems not to have had a creative economic idea in more than three decades.
The Plum Line
Trump's lies about the Russia probe devolve into absurdity
Let's look at the known facts.
Right Turn
Trump keeps incriminating himself with nonstop lies
The special counsel surely has an embarrassment of evidentiary riches.
When it comes to the border, Trump won't make Canada great again
Canadians like to think Trump's America is causing more people to flee across the border. They are wrong.
Right Turn
A letter to the FBI that would be unnecessary under any other president
In defense of the FBI — and our democracy.
'It's what consumers want' can't be the end of the argument
Or it will be the end of us.
Right Turn
What Virginia's expansion of Medicaid means
Seven reasons Democrats are cheering.
The WorldPost
Our lives depend on carbon capture. But the tech is far from ready.
We are not innovating fast enough.
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