Monday, 30 April 2018

Opinions P.M.: This is a bad time for Trump to appear before the NRA

Opinions P.M.
The Plum Line
This is a bad time for Trump to appear before the NRA
Advocates of gun restrictions may be watching more closely than advocates of gun rights.
The Watch
As California moves to speed up executions, a man is exonerated after 25 years on death row
Lawmakers seem unconcerned that under recently passed laws, exonerated people would likely have been executed.
Act Four
Janelle Monáe doesn't owe anyone details about her relationship with Tessa Thompson
Privacy and repression aren't the same thing. "Dirty Computer" ought to remind us of that.
One way Canada is tackling its police violence problem
Canadian law enforcement officials are beginning to talk openly about the psychological toll of their profession.
Mike Pence and the NRA have a lot more explaining to do
Shooting from the lip.
Right Turn
Why Mike Pompeo's logic on Iran doesn't hold up
Trump's obsession gets in the way of a rational Iran policy.
A fight for power in rural Virginia
Opposition to pipelines has widespread support that transcends ideological divides.
The president is seeking to destroy journalism. Now let's debate dinner entertainment!
There is a problem here. It is not a dinner.
Right Turn
After dumping the White House correspondents' dinner, what next?
The media must start taking defense of its job seriously.
Post Partisan
Will new short-term health plans undermine Obamacare?
This is a great deal for young folks. Unfortunately, it could be a very bad deal for the rest of us.
Don't believe the hype. Michelle Wolf wasn't making fun of Sarah Sanders's appearance.
Michelle Wolf's act reflected the current political weirdness in Washington. According to opinion writer Molly Roberts, it's not her job to pull punches.
The Plum Line
The news media just handed Trump a big win
MIchelle Wolf got it right, and the media got it wrong.
Right Turn
John Kasich diagnoses the GOP's woes
A party inhospitable to sane, accomplished governors.
Speaking of humor, does anyone find Sarah Huckabee Sanders's lies funny?
Or appropriate? (BLOG POST)
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