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[New post] GK & Current Affairs Quiz: July 19, 2019

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[New post] UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 134

Megha posted: "[basic_only_q quesids="19927, 9015, 10302, 21918, 20273, 21242, 23622, 20131, 19360, 22192"]Welcome to GKToday's UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 134. This mock test has 10 questions on random topics from our archives and current affairs. You should be "

How a typeface helped launch Apollo

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Today's TED Talk

How a typeface helped launch Apollo

14:26 minutes · TEDxSanFrancisco

When humanity first landed on the moon in 1969, the typeface Futura was right there with them. In this fascinating history of typography, designer Douglas Thomas shares Futura's role in launching the Apollo 11 spacecraft -- and how it became one of the most used fonts in the world.

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Playlist of the Day

Why yes, actually it is rocket science

Why yes, actually it is rocket science

While it may not be simple or easy, these fascinating talks make aerospace engineering a little more accessible to the average person. Watch »

7 talks · Total run time 1:20:43

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Opinions P.M.: Saudi Arabia’s leader must reset his relationship with the U.S. as Iran tensions soar

Opinions P.M.
Saudi Arabia's leader must reset his relationship with the U.S. as Iran tensions soar
MBS is subverting his own reform process and, ultimately, his country's future security.
Colombia can't beat coca production from the air. It needs rural investment and reform.
Without the resources and attention promised by the peace plan, even aerial fumigation won't be enough to bring coca levels back down.
Feeling bad about U.S. politics? Take a look at Britain.
Both countries are enduring a collective nervous breakdown of their political institutions.
More embarrassing Trump party video released
Much more embarrassing.
What on earth was CNN thinking?
'The Draw' is CNN's attempt to show transparency. It'll be remembered as a farce and another example of politics overkill in cable news.
The Plum Line
What the latest Stormy Daniels revelations tell us about future Trump scandals
Newly released documents show that back then he and his team were terrified. These days they know they have nothing to worry about.
Bangladesh's draconian Internet law treats peaceful critics as criminals
The country needs to change course.
Virginia is proof that reparations for slavery can work
Americans must be responsible for their moment in history.
Conservative intellectuals are at a turning point: Normalize Trump or resist him?
Why they must resist the lure of nationalism.
I became an asylum officer to help people. Now I put them back in harm's way.
President Trump's policies make the process feel like a sick joke.
The Plum Line
New GOP panic about Trump's racism reveals an ugly truth
Why did Republicans suddenly decide the "send her back" chants went too far?
It's time to expel Turkey from the Western alliance
The U.S. and NATO must reconsider their alliance with Ankara.
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