Friday, 31 March 2017

Opinions P.M.: This common argument for U.S. foreign aid is actually quite xenophobic

Washington Post bestsellers: April 2, 2017 | Sponsored by the Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Opinions P.M.
This common argument for U.S. foreign aid is actually quite xenophobic
The problem with the "aid as counter-terror strategy" argument.
Washington Post bestsellers: April 2, 2017
Greg Iles's 'Mississippi Blood,' the final instalment of the Natchez Burning trilogy, debuts at No. 1
How white America has created a colony of incarceration for people of color
Chris Hayes explores the consequences of white America's rampant fears.
When pundits say ‘the same people,’ they usually mean different people
The phrase is just a handy way to add a charge of dishonesty to their criticism.
Our biggest mistake in the fight against fake news
The real key is to give consumers the tools to tell fact from fiction.
Trump might discover what goes around comes around
One can only imagine.
How biased is science, really?
We might be greatly overblowing our fears that science is broken.
Another Trump promise bites the dust
Tearing up NAFTA? Like so many other grandiose promises, it died on collision with reality.
Fake News: Giuliani admitted that Trump’s executive order on immigration is a “Muslim ban”
Giuliani explained that Trump's executive order was not a Muslim ban, but the headline writers decided he said the opposite.
Plurality of Americans think Trump is failing
Look for ripple effects on the 2018 elections and beyond.
Terry McAuliffe: Republicans are out of excuses on Medicaid expansion
They are leaving money on the table and hurting Virginians.
Four ways ‘Ghost in the Shell’ could have been a genuinely interesting movie
"Ghost in the Shell" has problems that aren't just about Scarlett Johansson's casting as a character who was originally an Asian woman.
Adam and Eve as our first relationship counselors
Bruce Feiler looks back to the original couple for guidance on coupling.
Would you take the test if you knew you potentially carried a deadly gene?
Gina Kolata explores the dilemma faced by a family afflicted by a mutated gene.
Team Trump doubles down on Obama’s horrendous betrayal of Syria
It has thrown in the towel on seeking Assad's ouster.
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