Friday, 21 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: An ugly new twist in the Kavanaugh saga raises very unpleasant questions

Opinions P.M.
The Plum Line
An ugly new twist in the Kavanaugh saga raises very unpleasant questions
This will likely come up in next week's hearings.
'Really': 'Fox & Friends' goes credulous on Kavanaugh conspiracy theory
Hey, it was on social media!
John Bolton is dead wrong. The U.S. has every reason to cooperate with the International Criminal Court.
The U.S. should use the court to strengthen our fight against terrorists as well as our overall national security.
Climate change involves a whole different kind of swamp draining
And more to come.
Trump does another about-face, thank goodness
But he's still a dangerous commander in chief.
Jian Ghomeshi may have a platform, but he shouldn't get a pass
Had Ian Buruma done his job, Ghomeshi's essay would have read very differently.
The Kavanaugh controversy meets fake news. Real fake news.
Defamation in those tweets?
The Senate really is in play, and is shifting toward Democrats
Is control of the Senate slipping away from Republicans?
The Plum Line
Republicans stunned to learn voters understand exactly what their tax cut did
You can't fool all the people all the time.
Petition scandal deflates Scott Taylor's supporters
Republicans might not abandon the 2nd District Republican, but enthusiasm is dampened.
We can, and must, prevent the next Yemen
Global investment in prevention measures remains insufficient.
Republicans overplayed their hand: Kavanaugh's accuser makes her counteroffer
It's not over until it's over.
Post Partisan
Enough with the doppelganger theory
Why keep this going?
I helped write a speech defending a vote for Clarence Thomas. I regret it still.
Some staff members on Capitol Hill are about to face an ethical gut check.
Voters have turned against Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh is bombing with voters.
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