Thursday, 20 September 2018

Politics A.M.: Trump feels angry and unprotected amid mounting crises

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The most important politics stories today
Trump feels angry, unprotected amid mounting crises
The president's latest attack on his attorney general underscores his lack of trust in many of his subordinates and appointees.
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Brett Kavanaugh's unlikely story about Democrats' stolen documents
As a White House lawyer, Kavanaugh received a ton of juicy information taken straight from Democrats' files. He says he never suspected his source was stealing it.
'This is sickening': Sen. Jeff Flake lashes out at Trump Jr. for his post mocking Kavanaugh accuser
"No one should make light of this situation," Flake wrote on Twitter, days after Trump Jr. posted a meme that appeared to be mocking Kavanaugh's accuser.
'At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,' Trump tells N.C. man during post-Florence tour
The vessel was washed into the backyard of a North Carolina resident in a storm-ravaged neighborhood.
Republicans push to confirm Kavanaugh amid fears it will come at a political cost
Already burdened by an unpopular president and an energized Democratic electorate, the male-dominated GOP is now facing a torrent of scrutiny about how it is handling Kavanaugh's accuser.
'These are the stories of our lives': Prep school alumni hear echoes in assault claim
The allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh fuel memories of alcohol-soaked gatherings for 1980s graduates of Washington's elite schools.
'I told her that I believed her': Calif. lawmaker describes meeting with Kavanaugh accuser
"It was more than obvious to me that she bore the scars of what she had been subjected to," said Rep. Anna Eshoo, who met in July with Christine Blasey Ford.
North Korea's Kim wants new summit with Trump soon to continue denuclearization
South Korea's Moon told journalists Kim wants a summit soon and is ready for external inspectors.
Today's WorldView • Analysis
North Korea is now under minimum pressure
Arms control experts are underwhelmed by North Korea's latest concessions.
FEMA chief was on the verge of quitting amid feud with Homeland Security secretary
The dispute between Brock Long — whose use of government vehicles is being investigated — and Kirstjen Nielsen threatens to overshadow the Trump administration's response to Hurricane Florence.
Trump ordered the government to declassify information he apparently hasn't read
In an interview with the Hill, Trump said he was relying on TV pundits and House allies.
There are one or two problems with Trump's idea to build a Spanish border wall in the Sahara
Cost is probably the least significant one.
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