Monday, 17 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: Every man should be worried. At least, I’m worried.

Opinions P.M.
Every man should be worried. At least, I'm worried.
No man is safe.
Have we changed since Anita Hill's testimony?
As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a sexual misconduct allegation, deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus asks, who's responsible for the burden of proof?
Post Partisan
Kavanaugh's accuser should have spoken up sooner? Give me a break.
That's just not how things worked in the 1980s.
Trump Hotel keeps its liquor license — and that's as it should be
"Good moral character" clauses in licensing laws have a potentially pernicious effect.
Is #MeToo changing China?
The #MeToo movement in China has sent shock waves through progressive circles.
Kavanaugh's nomination now hangs by the thinnest of strings
The Senate Judiciary Committee must fully examine the claims made against the Supreme Court nominee.
Brett Kavanaugh's odd response
How will the Supreme Court nominee defend himself?
'No one is perfect': Here's how Sarah Huckabee Sanders excuses Trump's conduct
Does she leave her religion at the threshold of her office? Good question!
Act Four
The New York Review of Books just published an offensive #MeToo take — from an accused abuser
Readers won't benefit from having an alleged abuser describe life after being exposed as abusive.
Not all the Court rough stuff is allegation
The GOP packs quite a process.
The Plum Line
American women are watching the Kavanaugh controversy very closely
As if they weren't angry enough already.
Will the GOP mow over the Constitution for its agenda?
It's your move, Sens. McConnell and Grassley.
The WorldPost
Singapore is winning at identity politics
Tolerance is not enough. Nations must regulate for diversity.
Red America doesn't look so red right now
Hey, Democrats just might have an advantage.
Post Partisan
The Kavanaugh question isn't about sex. It's about whether he's lying.
Ask Ken Starr, right?
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