Thursday, 20 September 2018

Energy and Environment: ‘We need help’: N.C. towns plead for dam, levee upgrades after second major flood in two years

Energy and Environment
With Chris Mooney
Eamon Queeney / For The Washington Post
'We need help': N.C. towns plead for dam, levee upgrades after second major flood in two years
Devastated by Hurricane Matthew and now Florence, low-income areas say they can't afford the repairs needed to withstand the next storm.
At this rate, Earth risks sea level rise of 20 to 30 feet, historical analysis shows
New research finds that a vast area of Antarctica retreated when Earth's temperatures weren't much warmer than they are now.
Florence was another 1,000-year rain event. Is this the new normal as the planet warms?
Huge hurricane rainfall keeps happening as storms slow down, grow larger, and draw in more water.
More methane: Interior eases rules curbing leaks from oil and gas leases on federal land
The rollback of the 2016 rule is the fourth reversal of an Obama-era climate rule in less than two months.
More headaches as Florence's waters overtake toxic pits and hog lagoons
Environmental casualties: Soaked hog farms, flooded coal ash pits and threatened sewage systems.
California law would make state's electricity grid 100 percent carbon free by 2045
Across the country more than 70 cities, five counties and one state are looking to turn their electricity grids entirely "green."
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