Friday, 28 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: Brett Kavanaugh, disrobed

Opinions P.M.
Tom Williams / AP
Brett Kavanaugh, disrobed
As millions have now seen, the judge is aggressive and belligerent when stone-cold sober.
Post Partisan
Lindsey Graham leads the counter-resistance to save Kavanaugh
Just as Republicans were beginning to think this could be the end, it was Graham who dumped cold water on the Democrats.
Post Partisan
In the Kavanaugh hearing, Republican rage overrides the desire to seek the truth
In true Howard Beale fashion, Republicans are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.
For Trudeau, a bad trade deal is worse than no deal. Outlasting Trump is his best strategy.
It's far better to wait for and negotiate an agreement with a more stable and predictable American president.
Republicans liked excuses. They still like excuses. Occasionally to excess.
But it's not their fault.
The case for breaking up Facebook and Instagram
Facebook should not have been allowed to acquire Instagram in 2012 — eliminating a potent potential competitor. But it's not too late for federal regulators to make the social-media site independent again.
The Supreme Court gets sucked into a black hole of partisanship
In the midst of a dehumanizing process, we saw two humans laid bare.
Many teens drink. Rich ones like Kavanaugh are more likely to abuse alcohol.
Affluence is a risk factor for dangerous behavior
I'm a critic of Putin's regime. Russian state TV is accusing me of murder.
I'm a target of Russian information warfare. Does U.S. law offer any protection?
The Plum Line
Kavanaugh finally showed us who he really is. And he's unfit for the court.
That belligerent, entitled man you saw Thursday? That's the real Brett Kavanaugh.
'Conservatism' seems to have lost all meaning
A sorry end to conservatism, fact-finding and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.
The WorldPost
The geopolitics of artificial intelligence
In the digital age, the AI race will decide the fate of nations.
Why senators claim to believe Ford — but still side with Kavanaugh
Social science helps explain how norms shift. And why they don't.
The Plum Line
Jeff Flake surrenders
The American Bar Association calls for an FBI investigation. Will undecided GOP senators listen?
Turkey's foreign minister: The U.S. must stop arming terrorists in Syria
It's time to choose a side.
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