Monday, 17 September 2018

3 ways to make better decisions -- by thinking like a computer

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Today's TED Talk

Your fingerprints reveal more than you think

10:05 minutes · TED2018

Our fingerprints are what make us unique -- but they're also home to a world of information hidden in molecules that reveal our actions, lifestyles and routines. In this riveting talk, chemist Simona Francese shows how she studies these microscopic traces using mass spectrometry, a technology that analyzes fingerprints in previously impossible detail, and demonstrates how this cutting-edge forensic science can help police catch criminals.

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Who's watching us?

Who's watching us?

In the age of smart tech, privacy is a definite concern. Here's the download on who has your information and what they're doing with it. Watch »

10 talks · Total run time 2:10:10

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