Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: Kavanaugh’s confirmation went seriously off track weeks ago

Opinions P.M.
Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Kavanaugh's confirmation went seriously off track weeks ago
Repairing the broken confirmation process isn't impossible
Correspondents' Association pushes for more White House press briefings
But what can it do, really?
Want to defend democracy? Start with your public library.
Libraries are under seige. We must protect them.
Doug Ford's battle to win at any cost is dangerous for Canada
A one-term city councilor in Toronto turned unlikely premier, Ford is unreasonably fixated on local politics.
Here's why a) the economic impacts of Trump's tariffs are often exaggerated and b) they still stink
Trump's tariffs won't raise consumer prices as much as people say. But neither will they help those hurt by trade.
Is Trump now toying with global prosperity?
We'll find out if it's bad or good.
Why do so many affordable-housing advocates reject the law of supply and demand?
When the left says building new apartments won't affect prices, they're denying reality.
Trump should seize this moment to help save Poland's democracy
Call out the government in Warsaw for its deepening authoritarianism.
Artificial intelligence can transform the economy
Whether it's for the better and for the many is up to human intelligence.
The Plum Line
The coming Kavanaugh hearing will be dramatic. But will it change anything?
There aren't many reasons to feel optimistic.
How Trump makes America look weak
A small man makes America look small.
Why do women wait to come forward?
In cases of sexual assault, harassment and gender discrimination, there are many reasons women choose to come forward years later or not at all.
Trump is violating his oath, again
The president is aiding our enemies by compromising our national security.
The WorldPost
Francis Fukuyama: Identity politics is undermining democracy
Identity politics is hampering empathy and communication.
We're kissing our optimism goodbye
Public confidence in the future is weak. What explains this?
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