Thursday, 20 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: Republicans, be forewarned: Kavanaugh’s accuser has options

Opinions P.M.
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Republicans, be forewarned: Kavanaugh's accuser has options
Ford has a powerful story to tell the American people.
Post Partisan
Democratic senators in red states are in a lose-lose situation
However it turns out, America will have suffered another polarizing, bitter political schism.
The WorldPost
Like it or not, immigrant children are our future
Our nation's fate is linked to integrating immigrant children.
If you want more women in politics, don't look to the GOP
Women are flocking to and running in the Democratic Party.
Brett Kavanaugh's most dubious character witness
President Trump on Bill O'Reilly: 'good person.' President Trump on Brett Kavanaugh: 'extraordinary man'
The NCAA says paying athletes hurts their education. That's laughable.
The organization tolerates academic scandals while hiding behind dubious ideals.
The Plum Line
Why do all these racists keep joining the GOP?
If only there were a way to untangle this mystery.
The Republican Kavanaugh Crew prove to be good party boys
Old boys' network.
In the '80s, boys' prep schools like Kavanaugh's could be bastions of misogyny
I went to an elite high school down the road from his. Here's what I saw.
A power struggle in Berlin masquerades as a war between good and evil
A farce worthy of Monty Python and "Saturday Night Live."
In an infuriating rush to seat Kavanaugh, senators say the darnedest things
Senators reveal their foolishness.
The Plum Line
Trump's corruption is staining everything. Now it's about to stain the Supreme Court.
An interview with a historian of the FBI about the latest impasse.
What would happen if Democrats had a majority
Trump's unhinged assault on the Justice Department is being met with GOP silence.
If only we could hear President Trump insult himself. Well, we can!
The mouth that gored. (BLOG POST)
I lead Texas's education board. Here's why we want to cut Hillary Clinton — and Barry Goldwater.
Recent decisions to revise curriculum standards were made to give teachers more time to devote to the state's students.
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