Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Opinions P.M.: What happens at Georgetown Prep

Opinions P.M.
Post Partisan
What happens at Georgetown Prep
Altering the way power works usually takes action from the powerful — who don't act unless pushed from the bottom up.
In U.N. speech, Trump fails (again) to make his Iran case
It's not clear whether this administration wants regime change or a change in behavior, or how it would pursue either.
President Trump is afraid to fire people
No wonder Rod Rosenstein still had a job at the end of Monday.
Act Four
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' has become TV's most interesting political comedy
Writers have given episodes a running theme: gender politics. And it's working for them.
This is Trump's most insulting — and revealing — lie about Brett Kavanaugh yet
Of all the absurdities we've been asked to swallow, this one is the worst.
The downside of deny, deny, deny
The man who can do no wrong
Refugee status and aid would unleash the potential of Venezuelan migrants
Venezuelans need to be recognized as refugees in the region. Then countries should reach out to the donor community to create a multilateral emergency fund.
The Plum Line
What Brett Kavanaugh should have said
You can't learn from your mistakes if you insist you never made any.
Trump is no laughing matter
The president touts his many accomplishments.
Post Partisan
A rotten blame-game in Florida
The Florida Senate race has become tangled up in a controversy surrounding this year's red tide. But the outrage isn't supported by science.
Peace in Korea won't eliminate the need for American troops
American troops aren't just in Korea to protect against the North Koreans.
Senate candidates may rue the rush to judgment
Good luck defending Republicans' contemptuous tone.
At the U.N., Trump abdicates U.S. leadership
Putting an end to the American century.
Things are either bad for Rod Rosenstein, or worse
There may be no silver lining up there.
Susan Collins at least can do this much
The bare minimum that Mainers can expect.
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