Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Politics A.M.: Trump’s shutdown threat upends congressional GOP plan to fund government

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Trump's shutdown threat upends congressional GOP plan to fund government
"I would have no problem doing a shutdown," said President Trump, who is insisting on billions for his border wall. GOP leaders are hopeful they can avoid a shutdown close to the election.
'A total joke': Trump lashes out at Koch brothers after political network slams White House
In a series of morning tweets, the president said the conservative Koch alliance is "highly overrated" and not a threat.
Kris Kobach couldn't prove widespread voter fraud. Can he prove to voters that he can 'Make Kansas Great Again'?
The Kansas Republican is locked in a tight primary race with incumbent Jeff Colyer for governor.
Monkey Cage • Analysis
Want a less partisan senator? Elect a former governor.  
Experience working with both parties and a more moderate fundraising base make a difference in how they vote.
Q&A for federal workers: Turnover rates
Both voluntary resignations and firings of federal employees drop off sharply after their first few years, then they tend to be in it for the long haul, a report shows.
'Build the wall,' Florida gubernatorial candidate tells his young daughter in campaign ad
The GOP gubernatorial hopeful touts his love for Trump in a new campaign ad.
From six homes to a city jail: Paul Manafort, who redefined lobbying, faces trial
The bank and tax fraud trial for President Trump's onetime campaign chairman is set to begin this week in Virginia.
Muslim candidates band together in Michigan
DEARBORN, Mich. — The crowd at the first #MyMuslimVote rally was bigger than it looked, a few hundred people clustered on one side of a soccer pitch. The attendees had spent the afternoon getting henna tattoos, sampling from food vendors and registering to vote — often under the watchful eye of candidates who want their […]
Trump says he's willing to meet Iranian President Rouhani 'anytime' and without preconditions
The president reiterates his faith in face-to-face meetings like those with Russian and North Korean leaders that brought harsh criticism.
Presenting the least misleading map of the 2016 election
It depends on what you want to show.
'We're both outsiders': Trump casts himself and Italy's populist prime minister as kindred spirits
Welcoming Giuseppe Conte, the U.S. president praises his counterpart's hard-line immigration stance and reiterates government shutdown threat.
FEMA personnel chief harassed women, hired some as possible sexual partners for male employees, agency's leader says
An internal investigation found that senior executive Corey Coleman hired women so he and his friends could target them for sexual relationships, agency officials said.
Koch network says it is withholding support for Heitkamp challenger for now
The decision by the conservative political network to hold its firepower in key races comes as its leaders have criticized the Trump administration and GOP leaders.
Top Senate intel Democrat proposes measures to counter influence campaigns on social media
Sen. Mark R. Warner's proposals include everything from making companies legally liable for removing fake content to giving users ownership over the information they add to platforms.
The Fix • Analysis
Why is Paul Ryan defending Jim Jordan and Jason Lewis?
The political climate of the moment gives us some clues.
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