Monday, 23 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: Sorry, Trump. Your misdirection won't work this time.

Opinions P.M.
Sorry, Trump. Your misdirection won't work this time.
The all-caps tweet about Iran is a distraction from Russia.
The Plum Line
Republicans are telling Democrats to move right. It's dreadful advice.
They've never been more energized, so why would they do what failed so often in the past?
The U.S. makes a new push to bolster Taiwan's military defenses. China won't like it.
There's a newfound willingness within the U.S. government and Congress to challenge China and pay more attention to Taiwan's defense.
Right Turn
Ignore Trump's clueless bluster on Iran
The president's tweet does not amount to an Iran policy.
Silly, silly Sean Spicer
He writes a palace-intrigue story, then scolds the media for doing the same.
Right Turn
A frightful scenario: Trump is under the sway of a hostile foreign power
Stop asking why, and start wondering how to end this presidency.
Rahul Gandhi hugged Narendra Modi — and it hurt
Rahul Gandhi's hug showed astuteness. But he's still taking a big risk.
Iranian Americans must speak up — not let Pompeo speak for them
If Iranian Americans don't engage, they may not like the narrative the Trump administration writes for them.
Right Turn
The NRA connection: A problem for the GOP in the midterms
The indictment of Maria Butina makes things even worse.
The WorldPost
A Chinese world order
Don't believe what China says. Believe what China does.
Right Turn
What a responsible Congress would do about Russia
We could have a Congress that defends America against Putin and Trump.
The Plum Line
As Trump's latest lies implode, one party tries to smuggle out the truth
Democrats have been trying to correct Trump's falsehoods, and newly released documents confirm they've been telling the truth.
Italian finance minister tries to calm down the markets: We need trust
Giovanni Tria, Italy's embattled finance minister, says the main goal of the new government is to increase growth by attracting investment.
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