Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: Too bad we can do nothing about the excesses of this president

Opinions P.M.
Too bad we can do nothing about the excesses of this president
Alas, that I can do no more.
Tucker Carlson lets President Trump hold a rally on his show
But we know that this man can bring the heat.
Sacha Baron Cohen unmasks the power of the gun lobby in Virginia
A strange but successful prank shows Virginians just what kind of people are behind the state's notoriously lax gun laws.
James Comey, you're not helping
Some people just shouldn't get involved in partisan politics.
Get ready for the welfare wars
Should the government require welfare recipients either to get a job or to train for one?
The Plum Line
Is this Trump's most ridiculous denial yet?
I didn't mean what I said, but actually I did.
Legalization alone won't erase Canada's prejudiced pot convictions. We need mass pardons.
Mass pardons for small-time cannabis convictions would be the first and easiest step toward correcting some of the injustices rooted in Canada's historically regressive drug policies.
Trump doubles down on never not re-reversing no non-unchanged double non-negative un-denials
But he likes yes men around him.
Mean Boys: Highway to Helsinki
It's like the movie "Mean Girls," except it's in the White House. This week: President Trump's European tour goes seriously south.
Trump still has the upper hand when it comes to Russia
His soft rhetoric has belied the reality of some tough policies.
Retired Air Force general in contention to lead Pompeo's Asia team
The leading candidate is well known as a China hawk.
Mueller's indictment timing wasn't improper
The special counsel made the correct decision as an American.
Nobody believed Trump's 'would-wouldn't' explanation. And that's another victory for Putinworld.
"You can trust no one."
Parsing the surreal from the sensible in Trump's Helsinki performance
The president is right to want to reduce tensions with Russia.
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