Friday, 27 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: A call to boycott Cambodia’s elections and Hun Sen’s regime

Opinions P.M.
A call to boycott Cambodia's elections and Hun Sen's regime
If we band together now, we can rescue Cambodia from dictatorship.
The U.S. and Canada are about to enter a new era of disunity — thanks to pot
Canadians who want to cross the border should think twice before toking.
The Watch
Mississippi cops went to the wrong house and killed an innocent man. A grand jury just refused to indict them.
After a year of silence, local authorities criticize "inaccurate" and "inflammatory" statements in the media
The Plum Line
The fantastical tale Trump wants you to believe about collusion
If you want to defend Trump on Russia, you're going to have to do some work.
Right Turn
The GOP is likely to lose the House majority. What then?
Ryan's miserable legacy.
Five myths about security clearances
The movies are wrong: No one has a clearance "above top secret."
The WorldPost
China is laying the groundwork for a post-American world order
A China-led world order would be based on interests, not values.
Right Turn
Sen. Elizabeth Warren responds to our invitation to discuss policy
She certainly might be running
What can CNN do to stop Trump's abuse?
File a lawsuit? Hope for better outcomes? Tweet?
The biggest game of Imran Khan's life begins now
Can the cricket superstar-turned-politician deliver a 'Naya Pakistan'?
Right Turn
Trump administration fails to comply with court order, keeps kids locked up
The administration hasn't remedied the damage it did
The Plum Line
The real reason CNN's Michael Cohen scoop might be dangerous for Trump
What else does Cohen know about Trump and Russia?
Right Turn
What Michael Cohen's bombshell means
If Cohen is telling the truth, put a fork in Trump's presidency.
Act Four
Calm down, book snobs. Literary awards need to enter the 21st century.
Can a story told with pictures really compete for the Man Booker prize? Well, yes.
Europe's addiction to Russian energy is dangerous
Trump is right to try to export natural gas to the European Union.
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