Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: Trump strangles the goose laying golden eggs for the GOP

Opinions P.M.
Right Turn
Trump strangles the goose laying golden eggs for the GOP
The small-government conservatism that GOP candidates used to tout hasn't much of a constituency in either party.
Act Four
Okay, let's talk about Bigfoot erotica
As long as Bigfoot's on the brain, we might as well think seriously about how he, and the rest of us, got here.
The Plum Line
How worried should we be about 3-D-printed plastic guns?
It's a problem for the future, but someday we'll have to deal with it.
Right Turn
A backlash against GOP attacks on Obamacare builds
Voters want more, not less, government intervention.
Post Partisan
Here's a good corporate tax rate: Zero
Stop pouring effort into an unwinnable tax war.
Rudy Giuliani is sinking fast
It's a long fall for "America's mayor."
Right Turn
The best cure for an undemocratic ruler? More democracy.
Voter turnout is way, way up.
The WorldPost
The climate impact of the food in the back of your fridge
Throwing away leftovers doesn't just waste food.
How Kenya runs over its poor
The much-feted road-building binge has displaced many of the country's least fortunate citizens.
Right Turn
Trump wants to meet with the leader of the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism
Trump has never met a dictator he didn't love.
Post Partisan
'I am more forgiving': When Alex Wagner learned the truth about her family's history
"Why shouldn't I be the natural-born daughter of a white American?"
Right Turn
Trump's tax plan puts American oligarchs first
It's the worst tax idea since the last one.
The Plum Line
In a new tweetstorm, Trump gives his voters the middle finger
Trump's battle with the Koch brothers is revealing.
Right Turn
Giuliani outlives his usefulness to Trump
Rudy rambles, and seemingly implicates his client in the process.
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