Thursday, 19 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: Is Donald Trump even in charge of this government?

Opinions P.M.
The Plum Line
Is Donald Trump even in charge of this government?
More and more, his own aides decide they can just ignore the president.
Why has Trump decided to bully a small country in the Balkans?
Trump seems to have a vendetta against NATO's newest member.
The Watch
Was there a 'Ferguson effect' in Baltimore? Don't be so sure.
We want to learn lessons from data, but just as important is avoiding learning the wrong lessons.
There are two sides to the Russia question, and Trump is both of them
Maybe even more than two.
The Plum Line
As explosive new Russia revelations hit Trump, Republicans throw him a lifeline
We are now learning that Trump was briefed on Vladimir Putin's direct involvement 18 months ago.
Climate change isn't just cooking the planet. It's cooking our workforce.
The government needs to step in to protect workers from heat stress.
Does the mainstream media regret using all those emails allegedly stolen by Russians?
A federal indictment provides a chance to look back, with few regrets.
My dream job? Freelance foreign correspondent. Here's why I've decided to give it up.
The world has changed in ways that make my job impossible.
The WorldPost
America is no longer the leader of the free world
What differentiated America on the world stage no longer does.
Saudi Arabia's crown prince is taking the kingdom back to the Dark Ages
He has abandoned the prromise of democracy.
Republicans can explain which things are more important than America
Here's the moral relativism of the story.
'Italy has done a lot — maybe too much'
Matteo Salvini's anti-immigrant rhetoric has made him the most popular politician in Italy.
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