Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: Is this the administration’s dumbest idea yet?

Opinions P.M.
The Plum Line
Is this the administration's dumbest idea yet?
Wrapping a dozen Trump administration pathologies into one stupid idea.
Right Turn
The worst U.S. human rights abuse in decades isn't over
Hundreds of migrant parents remain separated from their children.
The WorldPost
The crumbling postwar order
A new world order will likely arise only from calamity.
Right Turn
Look out, Republicans. Democratic voters are angry and energized.
Conservatives' fall prospects get bleaker.
Post Partisan
Remember, Democrats: Progressive policies are popular
Don't listen to the party establishment, James Comey or anti-Trump Republicans.
Right Turn
Trump makes abortion rights more popular than ever
Access to legal abortion is never so appreciated as when it might vanish.
The Plum Line
Giuliani's new Mueller theory actually reveals weakness of Trump's position
Trump's "lawyer" says questions about obstruction of justice should be off limits. Um, no?
Right Turn
Who met with Maria Butina?
And who, if anyone, took Russian-tainted money?
Post Partisan
'It's like he took a knee to Putin': Mitch Landrieu on Helsinki, race, Democrats' identity crisis
Folks see him as a no-nonsense leader who should run to replace Trump.
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