Friday, 20 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: What this conservative wouldn't give to have Obama back

Opinions P.M.
What this conservative wouldn't give to have Obama back
Our previous president rejected the dark vision propagated by Trump and the dictators he so admires.
Putin should wipe that smirk off his face
The Russian leader may have an ally in Trump, but others in the U.S. and Europe aren't as likely to buy into the their 'important verbal agreements.'
Post Partisan
Who should be most alarmed about the decline of local news? Republicans.
If conservatives really want government as local as possible, they need local media to make it happen.
The Plum Line
The entire Republican Party is becoming a Russian asset
It's not just Trump.
Canada's provinces could be turning against Trudeau
Trudeau came to office enjoying a mostly supportive provincial scene, but the final year of his first mandate looks to be crowded with critics.
Congress should abolish Metro's unions
Placating the unions will only accelerate the silent boycott by potential riders.
Trump hopes he's got his Russia problem in the bag
But nature abhors a vacuum.
What's really behind Putin's obsession with the Magnitsky Act
A U.S. law on human rights abusers has the Russian leader rattled.
The Plum Line
A top official just issued a stark warning about Russia. To this White House, he's 'gone rogue.'
An extremely telling reaction to Dan Coats' interview.
You, too, may discover yourself to be 'the real enemy of the people'
Might be time to connect the dots.
Trump can shut down his Russia critics with one bold move
He should announce that he is sending U.S. forces in Germany to Poland.
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