Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Opinions P.M.: The emoluments case is the nightmare Trump has long feared

Opinions P.M.
Right Turn
The emoluments case is the nightmare Trump has long feared
This case could finally make Trump choose: His business or the presidency?
The Plum Line
The Trump administration's deception on the census should be a major scandal
Lies, political manipulation and even possible perjury.
Right Turn
Here's one way Trump is dragging Republicans down
Trump's intervention might hand the Democrats a governorship.
Does indexing threaten the stock market?
Why the debate over exchange-traded funds bears watching.
California Supreme Court to hear case that could limit the right to an attorney
State appeals court deems potential incarceration while awaiting trial a "minor mishap."
The WorldPost
Trump is robbing America of what makes it great
The anti-government rants have gotten dangerously out of hand.
Right Turn
Republicans are irate — and paralyzed — over tariffs and farm welfare
Save the complaints. Do something.
German soccer star Mesut Ozil's tragic naiveté about Turkey
He should have known better than to pose for a photo with Erdogan.
Post Partisan
Stop wondering who's going to save us from Trump
How to shake the complacency and stop the complicity of the legislative branch.
Right Turn
Tell us more, Sen. Warren
Warren opens the door to a conversation we need to have.
The Plum Line
On new Cohen tape, Trump seemed to insist on 'cash' payment. Here's what that might mean.
It could mean Trump wanted to conceal the payment.
Right Turn
Trump's Russia problem is getting worse and worse
Americans aren't buying his pro-Putin spin.
Post Partisan
It's official — Ivanka Trump is all in with the Trump administration
In shutting down her fashion line, the daughter has fully linked herself to her father.
Right Turn
Michael Cohen's secret tape raises five crucial questions
By cash or check, Trump seems to have concealed hush money.
Will Democrats still be Russia hawks when Trump is gone?
Conservatives don't have to take the Democrats' belated Russia outrage seriously. But they do need to take Russia seriously.
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