Monday, 26 November 2018

The radical possibilities of man-made DNA

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The radical possibilities of man-made DNA

13:56 minutes · TED2018

Every cell that's ever lived has been the result of the four-letter genetic alphabet: A, T, C and G -- the basic units of DNA. But now that's changed. In a visionary talk, synthetic biologist Floyd E. Romesberg introduces us to the first living organisms created with six-letter DNA -- the four natural letters plus two new man-made ones, X and Y -- and explores how this breakthrough could challenge our basic understanding of nature's design.

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Playlist of the Day

How does DNA work?

How does DNA work?

Your DNA makes you, you -- but how does it work? These talks explore what we know about the genome, the unique genetic sequence that makes up life as we know it. Watch »

7 talks · Total run time 1:57:48

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