Friday, 30 November 2018

Opinions P.M.: What long-ago ‘favor’ made Trump keep Michael Cohen around? Here are my guesses.

Opinions P.M.
What long-ago 'favor' made Trump keep Michael Cohen around? Here are my guesses.
Michael Cohen swallowed a tape of Donald Trump saying something very bad.
Could Senate Republicans be growing a spine?
On judicial nominees, protection for Mueller and Saudi Arabia, they may be taking baby steps away from Trump.
The Plum Line
Lies, lies and more lies: This is not how innocent people act
If Trump and those around him are innocent on Russia, why do so many of them lie about it?
Mexico's new president must learn from his heavy-handed transition
AMLO has shown that he is not afraid to use his popular support to send a message. But his plan to carry out a series of plebiscites played out like a sham instead of giving legitimacy to his proposals.
Who else is in danger from Cohen plea?
It's not just Trump who should worry.
Canada's media bailout will weaken trust in journalism. We should reject it.
No important company can ever be allowed to fail in Canada. This maxim applies, too, to its media.
Was Trump compromised? Is he still?
What does Putin have on Trump?
Iran's regime is fighting a losing battle against science
A case against several nature conservationists is the latest chapter in Iran's environmental tragedy.
Little Rock man who exposed illegal police raids faces felony charges after fleeing arrest
Whistleblower Roderick Talley was arrested because he showed up a half hour late for his trial on a questionable forgery charge. He panicked, and fled. Now he's facing a litany of serious charges.
Trump's crystal ball can be difficult to look at
It's opaque at best.
History to Paul Ryan: You're wrong
The House speaker's disastrous legacy.
Trump's big whopper of a Russian nothingburger
Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty of lying to Congress about the president's business dealings in Russia.
Democrats should consider what would happen if Trump doesn't run in 2020
It could call for a different kind of candidate.
Mohammed bin Salman's visit to Algeria will be an insult to the nation's history
Hosting the Saudi crown prince is undignifying for a country that once hosted great revolutionary leaders.
Act Four
'Green Book' is an old-fashioned Oscar movie in a rapidly changing world
"Green Book" is throwback Oscar bait in a world where audiences want something a bit more authentic and edgy.
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