Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Opinions P.M.: Lock her up?

Opinions P.M.
Lock her up?
He knew the penalty. That was why the bells tolled.
What Trump needs to do to avoid being a one-term president
There are warning signs in the midterm election results that Trump should not ignore.
The unraveling is just beginning
President Trump is likely to react more irrationally and unpredictably as the crises pile up.
Trump's political safety net hangs by a thread
Trump will head into 2020 without economic winds at his back.
Post Partisan • Opinion
The most horrifying part of the Dartmouth sexual harassment case
What if Dartmouth isn't an outlier after all?
How my friend became another victim of Duterte's fight against rights defenders
Benjamin Ramos became the 34th lawyer killed since President Duterte — another lawyer who has turned taunting, abuse and threats into "rule of law" — took office.
Ivanka's emails: if only she'd known!
Maybe she missed a clue.
The Plum Line
Can a billionaire donor be the Democrats' champion?
Tom Steyer looks ready to mount a presidential campaign.
When you have to make your own home for the holidays
I've found other places and other families to celebrate with.
Post Partisan
Now we know the full magnitude of Trump's defeat. Republicans should take notice.
The president got shellacked. But the GOP is still sleepwalking into disaster.
Opinion | With new work requirement, thousands lose Medicaid coverage in Arkansas
Columnist Catherine Rampell reports for PBS NewsHour on a major initiative of the Trump administration that has been adding work requirements to benefit programs for the poor, now including Medicaid. This year, Arkansas became the first state to roll out the requirement. As a result, more than 12,000 people there have lost their coverage.
The Plum Line
Another judge just blocked Trump. His ruling contains a warning.
How far will Trump go in closing down the southern border?
Driving toward 2020, a pile-up in the left lane
Any Democrat looking at the potential field of 2020 candidates will see a logjam of both progressives and moderates.
With regard to election reforms, even the obvious doesn't strike us as obvious
Yes, it is that simple. (BLOG POST)
David's Bridal is king of the wedding industry. How did it go bankrupt?
Major changes in demographics, taste and culture hit the retailer hard.
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