Thursday, 22 November 2018

Politics A.M.: Killing of Khashoggi tests U.S. defense industry as backlash builds on Capitol Hill

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Killing of Khashoggi tests U.S. defense industry as backlash builds on Capitol Hill
Growing bipartisan support for legislation to curtail arms sales to Saudi Arabia marks a rare setback for one of the most influential lobbies in Washington.
After Khashoggi's killing, Trump's dangerous message to tyrants: Flash money and get away with murder
The Washington Post's publisher writes that President Trump's response doesn't advance U.S. interests; it places the dollar values of commercial deals above the long-cherished American values of respecting liberty and human rights.
Mattis says U.S. must balance rights concerns with 'strategic' Saudi ties
"Presidents don't often get the freedom to work with unblemished partners," the defense secretary said.
Trump plan would force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as cases are processed, a major break with current policy
A Mexican official said that current Mexican immigration law does not allow those seeking asylum in another country to stay in Mexico.
Troops approved to use force at the border, but Mattis says the mission hasn't changed
New White House order authorizes military personnel to protect Border Patrol personnel.
With honey instead of vinegar, Pelosi steadily inches toward the speaker's gavel
The Democratic leader has personally courted disgruntled members and deployed her sprawling network to bolster her, all but overwhelming her critics.
New York congressman who signed letter against Pelosi now says he'll support her
Rep. Brian Higgins said he had come to terms after discussions with Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and the incoming Ways and Means chairman.
Los Angeles prosecutors decline to file felony domestic abuse charges against Michael Avenatti
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office referred the case against Stormy Daniels's lawyer to the city attorney for possible misdemeanor charges.
Rebuking Trump's criticism of 'Obama judge,' Chief Justice Roberts defends judiciary as 'independent'
Such a public dispute between a chief justice and a president is highly unusual.
Facebook's Sandberg now says the company's work with the political consultancy Definers crossed her desk
Despite the controversy, Zuckeberg stands by his chief operating officer.
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