Monday, 19 November 2018

Opinions P.M.: The Trump administration’s legal positions are gobble-gobble-gobbledygook

Opinions P.M.
The Trump administration's legal positions are gobble-gobble-gobbledygook
Thanks for nothing.
Stacey Abrams has it right about election rhetoric
Kemp destroyed the moral legitimacy of his victory
Post Partisan
The end of Trump
How the era of Trump will end.
The Plum Line
How Marco Rubio's sad decline explains the Republican Party
Once the Republican savior, now he sends out Trumpian conspiracy tweets.
White House to Jim Acosta: Here's some 'due process'
Red tape has never materialized so quickly.
The WorldPost
This is what Trump should do about the migrant caravan
The U.S. must confront regional violence, not those who flee it.
Post Partisan
The most revealing quote from Trump's latest Fox News interview
Democrats can rest easy knowing that in 2020 Trump will still be repeating the mistakes that helped them in 2018.
Republicans sound like they haven't learned a thing
Trump apologists should look at the midterms
Republicans used to vilify presidents who disrespected the military
Trump fails as commander in chief.
Don't listen to Trump speaking about his dictator friends. It's a suffering tape.
It eventually will make you crazy. (BLOG POST)
Act Four
This one little trick will make Thanksgiving perfect
The secret? Don't change a thing.
Denial is not a foreign policy
We're tired of losing to two-bit autocrats.
The Plum Line
Why did Trump's lies fail so badly? Important new data provides a clue.
The fable Trump has told about the economy and the country didn't resonate.
Ups and downs: Are Democrats getting tired of winning?
Who is gaining ground?
I served under 8 commanders in chief. Trump doesn't grasp the role.
Trump's actions and behavior have led service members and veterans to question whether he really understands who a commander in chief is, or what he does.
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