Thursday, 29 November 2018

Opinions P.M.: Trump should be freaked out right about now

Opinions P.M.
Trump should be freaked out right about now
Michael Cohen is tying Trump to Russia.
Erik Wemple
Tucker Carlson, neo-Nazi favorite
All those rants about diversity and demographic change are finding their audience.
The Plum Line
Cohen's new plea deal may be only the tip of the iceberg
The key isn't what Cohen pleaded guilty to. It's everything else he knows.
At the G-20, Trump should work with China and Russia on the crisis in Venezuela
It's doubtful that either China or Russia wants to bet on a bus careening out of control. Trump therefore has a real opportunity to seek their cooperation to work for a transition government in Venezuela.
Manafort seems to be campaigning for a pardon
How to impress the old boss?
Trump has done nothing for rural Americans
Trump ignores the forgotten men and women.
The WorldPost
The West may be wrong about China's social credit system
It may not be as Orwellian as the West thinks.
Post Partisan
Pompeo goes from diplomat to hack
The secretary of state pens a risible op-ed.
Post Partisan
More trouble for Belgium's system of euthanasia
A court in Flanders, the country's Dutch-speaking region, has decided to authorize criminal charges against two doctors.
Trump's infatuation with Saudi Arabia is bad for U.S. interests
Why is Trump so solicitous toward the Saudis?
The Plum Line
As Cohen pleads guilty, raging Trump blows up GOP's Mueller spin
The walls of accountability are closing in.
Ten reasons, Democrats, you should run for president
Why not take the plunge?
The good news is we are only burning up a little bit of our planet at a time
Alarms are just too alarmist. (BLOG POST)
Post Partisan
Democrats must follow this one rule for 2020
Enough with falling in love. Time to fall in line.
Both the collusion and obstruction cases get stronger
The special counsel is zeroing in, while the president is barely holding his head above water.
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