Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Politics A.M.: Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser at Mississippi rally

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Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser at Mississippi rally
President Trump, in a riff that has been dreaded by White House and Senate aides, attacked the story of Christine Blasey Ford at length — drawing laughs. It was his strongest attack yet of the testimony of Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of assault.
The Fix • Analysis
Brett Kavanaugh's anger may be backfiring
He may still win confirmation, but it has become clear that the display last week didn't help.
FBI navigates political minefield and deadline in Kavanaugh inquiry
Officials are bracing for post-election scrutiny of the bureau's review of accusations against the Supreme Court nominee.
Republicans on Senate panel release explicit statement about Kavanaugh accuser's sex life
The Judiciary Committee circulated the statement and posted it on the panel's website after allegations from Julie Swetnick about the Supreme Court nominee.
Kavanaugh likes beer — but Trump is a teetotaler: 'He doesn't like drinkers.'
The president says he has never had alcohol, in part because of the tragic death of his older brother, Fred, of alcoholism.
Fact Checker • Analysis
President Trump's 90-second rant on Richard Blumenthal and Vietnam
Both politicians avoided the Vietnam War, but only one has apologized for false claims.
N.Y. tax agency weighs probe after report that Trump family built wealth through tax-avoidance schemes and fraud
An attorney for President Trump called the New York Times investigation "100 percent false, and highly defamatory."
The two pillars of Trump's origin myth dislodged by the Times's new investigation
Trump is far less self-made than he insists — and the assistance he got was legally murky.
The Trailer: Democrats are breaking fundraising records. Republicans blame 'outsiders.'
In this edition: Democrats piling up donations, single-payer future shock, Heidary Clintkamp, and the eternal search for the Democratic Party's future.
'I'm done hiding this': Jason Kander pulls out of mayor's race, citing PTSD and depression
The Kansas City mayoral candidate said he was done "trying to outrun depression and PTSD symptoms" that he had suffered in Afghanistan 11 years ago.
WorldViews • Analysis
Melania carries Trump's baggage in Africa
The first lady's visit to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt contrasts sharply to her husband's behavior toward African nations.
Senate panel's Trump-Russia probe still faces its toughest test: The collusion question
The Intelligence Committee, anticipating the need to conduct additional interviews, is unlikely to end its work this year.
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