Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Today's Opinions: Maya MacGuineas is fine being the ‘fiscal skunk at every party’ when it comes to taxes

President Trump holds sample tax forms as he promotes a newly unveiled Republican tax plan with House Republican leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House on Nov. 2. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
Maya MacGuineas is fine being the 'fiscal skunk at every party' when it comes to taxes
Understanding what that House tax bill does and doesn't do.
Both sides on gun rights need a change of heart
There is a failure to communicate, fueling mistrust, between gun owners and gun-control advocates.
Mama Lucy tells us why Trump won
His victory places last year as one of the most significant in modern U.S. history.
The GOP gets a big part of its tax plan backward
Lawmakers should repeal deductibility for local taxes but keep it for relatively redistributive state taxes.
Trump's actions will speak louder than tweets
Many Americans don't care about his outrageous statements. But they could be concerned if he started acting on them.
I'm a conservative
What is inherited — family, community, culture, language — is more crucial than what is acquired — tattoos, an Armani suit, a cat who loves you.
Have Democrats learned their lesson? There's reason for hope.
Candidates — and even the party establishment — may be realizing it's not enough just to run against Trump.
Editorial Cartoons
The Republicans went off to change the tax code and all you got was this lousy thank you Thoughts and prayers at a discount
Do they have to paint you a picture? Congress makes another store run for provisions after the latest gun massacre in America.
The Post's View
Ralph Northam's victory in Virginia
The Democratic governor-elect overcame a barrage of Trump-style attack ads.
The killer responsible for more yearly deaths than AIDS, malaria and TB combined
A new study linking pollution to millions of premature deaths serves as a reminder that environmental protection is a life-and-death issue.
Let this sick 10-year-old girl stay in the country
Rosa Maria Hernandez, recently freed from Border Patrol custoday, should be allowed to remain in the only home she has ever known.
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Virginia shows that anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats still have a pulse
A hard-fought victory -- against Trumpism.
Happy Hour Roundup
Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
The 5 best things Trump has done since the election
We asked, you answered.
The 5 worst things Trump has done since the election
We asked, you answered.
Disney just got clobbered for bullying the Los Angeles Times
It claims that it has made peace with the newspaper after denying its critics access to movie screenings.
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